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Two Florida Tourist Water Scooter Renters Die in Collision with Tour Boat

Florida Water Scooter Accident.jpgTwo Pennsylvania tourists died over the weekend when the water scooter they rented collided with a double-decker sightseeing boat in the waters off Clearwater, Florida. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is currently investigating the accident. A spokesperson for the FWC, stated, “There’s no determination of fault until the investigation is complete,”

This incident is the second fatal accident in September involving a water scooter in Florida. Over the Labor Day Weekend Katie Yale of Seminole died in a collision between her inner tube and a personal watercraft. Personal watercraft injuries and fatalities are often caused by the renter’s lack of knowledge regarding safe operation and rules of navigation. It is for this reason, Florida has passed a law requiring personal watercraft rental companies to provide safety instruction and require in-water proficiency demonstration before allowing the craft to be rented. Unfortunately, this does not always occur.

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Photo Credit: Florida Bay Times

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