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Category: Wrongful Denial of Marine Insurance Claim

Texas Court Finds Marine Insurance Policy’s New York Choice of Law Clause Does Not Defeat Extracontractual Tort Claims Brought Under Texas Law

November 2, 2010 Wrongful Denial of Marine Insurance Claim

Many boat owners do not know Great Lakes insurance company buries a provision in its marine insurance policy requiring all disputes arising from the policy be governed under New York law in the absence of “well established, entrenched principles and precedents of substantive United States Federal Admiralty law”. Even if […]

My Marine Insurance Company Required Me to Hire Contractors to Mitigate the Damage to My Yacht After the Accident but then Denied My Claim – Can They Do That?

August 17, 2010 Wrongful Denial of Marine Insurance Claim

Upon receiving a claim notice, it is often times a marine insurance company’s knee jerk reaction to tell the yacht owner to take all reasonable precautions to mitigate and lessen the damages or the claim will be denied. The yacht owner, wanting the marine insurance company to pay the claim, […]