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Cruise Norovirus.jpgThe CDC is reporting that 112 passengers aboard the Celebrity Infinity have come down with an illness causing vomiting and diarrhea. CDC personnel boarded the cruise ship in San Diego on Monday wherein they confirmed the outbreak was caused by Norovirus. This marks the third time the Celebrity Infinity has had a gastrointestinal virus outbreak.

Celebrity’s parent company, Royal Caribbean, is also having problems with one of its San Diego based cruise ships. The CDC has reported on Monday that 114 have falling ill with Norovirus like symptoms aboard the Legend of the Seas. The cruise liner is due back in port on Tuesday wherein the CDC will conduct an investigation and hopefully determine the cause of the outbreak.

Norwegian Star Illness Outbreak.jpgNot long into the New Year and cruise ships are starting to return to port with illness outbreaks. The CDC recently reported an outbreak has occurred on the Norwegian Star, a 965 foot cruise ship, operated by Miami based NCL. The CDC investigation lists 130 passengers and 12 crew members have come down with illness consisting of vomiting and diarrhea. NCL, in response to the outbreak, increased cleaning and disinfection procedures, warned the passengers about the outbreak and collected stool samples for later analysis by the CDC. The CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officers and an epidemiologist boarded the ship on arrival in Miami on January 19, 2014 to conduct a targeted environmental health assessment and evaluate the outbreak and response activities. Specimens were sent to the CDC lab for testing.

Our law firm has assisted passengers and guests who sustained significant life altering disabilities resulting from illness outbreaks aboard cruise ship. If you fell victim to a sickness aboard a cruise ship which changed your life and would like to learn about your legal rights, feel free to contact our Florida Board Certified Maritime Attorneys.

Bahamas Cruise Injury Lawyer.jpgMillions of cruise passengers visit the Bahamas each year on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, NCL, Carnival, Disney, Holland America and Princess’ ships. Though becoming sick or injured is the last thing on travelers’ minds, it does occur with some regularity. This law firm has represented and currently represents many people who were hurt on cruises to the Bahamas. The average traveler is also unaware medical care is limited in the Bahamas and many hospitals are not equipped to handle surgeries. This means if there is a serious emergency the passenger would have to be medically evacuated to the United States by airplane. To complicate the problem, it is the practice of Bahamian hospitals and air ambulances to require upfront payment or a letter from an insurance company guaranteeing payment before they will provide treatment. Depending upon the type of injury, medical bills could reach over $100,000. Many of these injured passengers are unaware their insurance plans do not cover overseas accidents. As a consequence, they are responsible for their medical bills. This has become such a common issue that the United States Embassy in the Bahamas recommends cruise passengers inquire if their insurance covers emergency care outside the United States, and if it does not, the State Department recommends purchasing travel insurance before leaving the country.

If you were hurt or injured on a Bahamian cruise and want to know your legal options, feel free to contact our Miami based board certified cruise attorneys.

Cruise Ship Norovirus Lawyer.jpgThe Royal Caribbean VOYAGER OF THE SEAS sailed into New Orleans while the Princess cruise ships CROWN PRINCESS and RUBY PRINCESS sailed into Ft. Lauderdale this weekend with Norovirus outbreaks. The P&O cruise ship AURORA also reported a Norovirus outbreak earlier this year. Norovirus is a significant problem aboard cruise ships. It is rapidly passed from one person to another through direct contact and indirect contact by touching elevator buttons, door handles, pens, toilets and other common items. The disease can also spread by infected cabin attendants and galley stewards who touch your possessions while making up the cabin and eating utensils when stocking them on the tables.

Royal Caribbean and Princess stated they will perform “enhanced cleanings” of the ships, but, will keep the ships sailing. Such cleaning techniques often times do not eradicate the virus. It is interesting to know how Royal Caribbean and Princess will notify the oncoming passengers of the outbreak in the coming weeks or if the cruise lines will allow passengers who do not want to cruise at this time to re-book their reservations without penalty. If you sailed on the VOYAGER OF THE SEAS, CROWN PRINCESS, or RUBY PRINCESS within the month of February and would like to share your experience, please leave a comment below.

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