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Category: Cruise Arbitration Lawyer

Cruise Worker Opposes Princess Cruise Lines’ Motion to Compel Arbitration of her Sexual Assault and Rape Claims

July 31, 2017 Cruise Arbitration Lawyer

According to court records, Michelle Haasbroek was employed by Steiner Transocean Limited and worked as a spa facialist on board the M/S Crown Princess, a vessel owned and operated by Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd.  Ms. Haasbroek alleges in court filings that she was raped by Eddie Yamile Santa Cruiz Reyes […]

Miami Federal Court to Determine Whether Dismissal of Crewmember’s Personal Injury Arbitration Claim Violates United States Public Policy

January 23, 2017 Cruise Arbitration Lawyer

The major cruise lines insert a provision into their crewmember employment contracts requiring any dispute between them and their seamen employees, including personal injury claims, to resolved at arbitration. Often times these employment contracts require the arbitration to occur outside the United States and to apply foreign law. This means […]

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Arbitration Clause Found Unenforceable for American Crewmember’s Personal Injury Claim

September 3, 2013 Cruise Arbitration Lawyer

More and more courts are finding cruise line’s personal injury arbitration agreements unenforceable when it comes to American crewmembers. The latest case comes from the Middle District of Florida wherein an American ice skater employed by Royal Caribbean Cruises was injured while performing aboard the Voyager of the Seas off […]