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Rape.pngIt is terrible but sexual assaults / rapes occur on cruise ships. In fact, during the short period of April 1, 2007 – August 24, 2007 the 25 major cruise lines that makes up the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) reported 41 instances of sexual assaults / rapes occurring aboard their ships. Such a high number is staggering. Based on the 41 reports, the FBI opened 13 investigative cases. According to the FBI, 5 of these cases were later closed due to victim reluctance to press charges or because the goverment declined to prosecute. As of September 2007, only 8 of these cases remained under investigation. This article is meant to explain why sexual assaults / rapes occur on cruise ships, the victim’s rights and what to do if sexually assaulted during a cruise.

Reasons Why Sexual Assaults / Rapes Occur on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are floating cities with thousands of crew members from every corner of the world and every level of social background. Though there are multiple reasons why sexual assaults occur on cruise ship, these are the most common.