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images.jpgThe Associated Press reported that a Stuart, Florida Judge found a boat operator guilty of running over a scuba diver which severed the diver’s legs. The Palm Beach Gardens scuba diver was struck by boat propellers while diving about 4 miles north of the St. Lucie Inlet in January 2009. The diver testified he tried to get the boat operator’s attention by waving a spear gun above the surface, but no one acknowledged his signal. He then tried to swim out of the boat’s way, but the propeller struck his tank and legs. Judge Kathleen Roberts found the boat operator violated navigational rules, and sentenced him to six months probation on a misdemeanor charge.

Divers are routinely run over in the crowded waters of South Florida. The cause for such accidents is often times boat operators’ and/or the divers’ ignorance of navigational and diving rules. Below we explain some of the more common navigable rules applicable to dive situations.

Common Navigational Rules Applicable to Diving Situations
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