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Floirda Jet Ski Accident Lawyer.jpgEach year thousands of people come to Florida for the sun and water. Along many of Florida’s beaches are Jet Ski, WaveRunner, Sea-Doo and other personal watercraft rental companies. Often times these rental companies are staffed with part time employees who are more interested in checking out the action on the beach than the safety of the renters. These employees oftentimes give cursory instruction on how to turn on and off the watercraft, ask the renters to sign the “rental agreement” and send them off. Speed combined with inexperience and lack of instruction is a recipe for disaster.

Florida Law Addressing Personal Watercraft Rentals

Florida law requires watercraft rental companies to provide riders minimum safety instruction before turning over the watercraft to the renter. If the rental is for off-site use, an on-the-water demonstration and rider proficiency check is required. This level of instruction is often times overlooked.

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