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Malfunctioning Doors aboard Carnival Cruise Ships are Causing Injuries

Carnival Passenger Injuired from Door.jpgOur cruise injury lawyers have been retained by several Carnival cruise ship passengers who were injured due to malfunctioning doors. These cases are spread throughout the fleet and involve cabin balcony, restroom as well as automatic sliding doors. A cruise line such as Carnival has a legal duty to every passenger to exercise what is known reasonably care under the circumstances. This means the cruise line does not have to provide an accident free ship but must take reasonable precautions to protect passengers from danger. Concerning doors, reasonable precautions would include performing routine maintenance, periodic inspections and, if the door was observed malfunctioning, erecting a barrier until that door is fixed. It is our experience that such precautions are often overlooked and fixes are slow aboard cruise ships. This is why accidents are so prevalent.

As you can imagine, injuries from malfunctioning doors can be traumatic. Our law firm has represented passengers who have had severed fingers, broken necks and torn ligaments due to doors malfunctioning aboard Carnival’s cruise ships. If you had an experience with a malfunctioning door aboard a Carnival cruise our attorneys would like to speak with you. Your information will help up better serve our clients and hopefully reverse the course of door injuries occurring on Carnival’s ships. Contact options can be found by clicking this link.