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Carnival Cruise Lines Fined for Attempting to Prevent a Crew Member from Having a Jury Decide His Injury Claim in an American Court

December 1, 2010 Cruise Ship Crew Member Injury Law

Carnival Cruise Line Fined for Attempting to Preclude Crew Member a Jury Trial for Injury Claim.jpgAs we reported in our article Court Requires Carnival Cruise Lines to Produce Contract in Order to Force an Injured Seaman Crew Member Employee to Arbitrate His Claim, a Miami Federal Court denied Carnival Cruise Lines’ attempt to preclude its crew member’s right to have a jury of his peers decide his personal injury claim in an American court by forcing the claim to be arbitrated in Panama. After Carnival’s attempt to force foreign arbitration failed, the Magistrate Judge recommended to the Judge presiding over the case that Carnival be fined $10,521 for its actions. Click to see the Magistrate Judge’s Recommendation to Sanction Carnival. On November 29, 2010, the presiding Judge accepted the Magistrate’s recommendation and ordered Carnival to pay the $10,521 fine. Click to see Order Fining Carnival.