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Two Arrested on the Carnival Pride as Cruise Ship Returned to Baltimore

September 18, 2015 Cruise Ship Passenger Injury Law

Port of Baltimore.jpgU.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested two cruise passengers on outstanding warrants as they returned to Baltimore from a Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Pride. Christopher Turner, 45, of Lanham, Maryland was wanted for failing to appear in court on assault charges, while Christopher Main, 28, of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania was wanted for contempt of court and theft. The two passengers were traveling separately. Steve Sapp, a spokesperson for Custom and Border Protection, issued this warning, “If you do know that you have an outstanding arrest warrant, you need to know that we’re going to know that you’re on that ship.”

This statement is interesting. If the government knows that a fugitive will be on a certain cruise, why is the government and the cruise lines not working together to arrest the person while he attempts to board the cruise ship at the port on embarkation? It stands to reasons that passengers’ safety would be better suited by arresting accused criminals before they embark the cruise ship than allowing them to sail with vacationing families. Both men were turned over to Maryland Transportation Authority Police for adjudication.

Photo Credit: MDBIZNews