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The W South Beach Injury Lawyers.jpgThe W South Beach Hotel located at 2201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida is the subject of a lawsuit involving an alleged assault of a New Jersey tourist by prostitutes claimed to be “working” in the hotel. Court papers reveal that on January 19, 2013 Anna Burgese, while walking through The W South Beach lobby with her husband, was assaulted by an unknown number of prostitutes. Specifically the complaint reads Mrs. Burgese was “grabbed by behind and thrown with great force into a stone wall head first” then “tackled to the ground and struck by her assailant.” It is alleged that the prostitutes confused Mrs. Burgese as another prostitute who was capturing business at the hotel thus prompting the attack. As a result of the assault, she was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital for treatment.

Legal Claims

The lawsuit sets forth various claims of premises liability negligence against the The W South Beach as well as a civil remedy claim for the commission of criminal acts. The lynchpin of the claims is the allegations that The W South Beach knowingly allows prostitutes to solicit guests on its property and in the past had instances where the prostitutes became violent towards guest and visitors.