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CDC Cruise Vessel Sanitation Program.pngFt. Lauderdale, Florida – Silversea Cruises Responses to CDC’S Discovery of Organized Effort to Hide Expired Food in Crew Cabins

Silversea Cruises made its first formal response to the Centers for Disease Control’s surprise inspection of Silver Shadow in Alaska wherein the cruise ship received failing cleanliness grade. The CDC’s cruise ship inspection report reads, “An organized effort was made to physically remove over 15 full trolleys of dry foods, spices, canned foods, cooked foods, milk, raw meats, pasteurized eggs, cheeses of all types, baking goods, raw fruits, raw vegetables, and a variety of both hand held and counter model food equipment, pans, dishware and utensils to over 10 individual cabins shared by two or three galley crew members in order to avoid inspection by VSP staff.” In response to such appalling activates undertaken by its employees the company said, “Our investigation indicates that, in the Silver Shadow situation, some of our staff made an impulsive decision, and we need to look at what happened, who found it necessary to authorize such activity and how we can avoid having this situation happen again.” The Florida based cruise line also stated it will continue crew training on proper food handling and enforce its policy of “no food or food equipment is, at any time, permitted in cabins or non-designated areas.” As part of its corrective measures the cruise line is installing CCTV in a number of corridors to ensure no food trays or other equipment is brought into the cabins.

Holland American Injury Lawyer.jpgSydney, Austria – Police Investigate Death Aboard the Holland American Veedam

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