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Cruise Slip & Fall Lawyer.jpgCruise slip and fall law is quite complex. The personal injury lawyers at Brais Law Firm have vast experiences litigating lawsuits against major cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival, NCL and Disney. It is very important if you are hurt aboard a cruise ship to make a record of your accident and preserve evidence. Performance of these tasks will add significant benefits to your case.

A Cruise Gone Wrong

You fly to Miami, visit the sights and board a cruise ship for a family vacation bound for the Bahamas. After exploring the ship, you decide to go to the lido deck for some much needed rest and relaxation. You enter the elevator and press the Deck 10 button. The doors open to a beautiful atrium with highly polished marble floors. As you take your first step on the deck, you slip and fall hurting your knee. Turns out children swimming in the pool a half hour earlier did not completely towel off and while waiting for the elevator dripped pool water on the marble floor. Unfortunately, this scenario is routinely played out on cruise ships. If you are one of the unlucky people who suffered a slip and fall injury aboard a cruise, there are certain things you should know to prepare your lawsuit against the cruise line.

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