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The White Island Volcano Eruption – What was Royal Caribbean thinking? A Maritime Attorney’s Perspective.

December 23, 2019 Cruise Ship Passenger Injured in Shore Excursion

On December 9th, 2019, the volcano on White Island, New Zealand, erupted while 47 tourists were visiting the Island at the time.  Of those, 18 have officially been declared dead, 17 sustained serious burns, and 8 people are missing and presumed dead per publicly available reports. The small Island volcano […]

Florida Supreme Court Allows Commercial Fishermen to Recover Lost Profits Caused by Polluters

August 25, 2010 Commercial Fishermen

In the landmark decision of Curd v. Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC., the Florida Supreme Court recently determined commercial fishermen have both statutory strict liability and common law negligence claims to recover damages caused by discharge of pollutants into Florida’s waters. Given the recent events in the Gulf of Mexico, marine pollution […]