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Ritz-Carlton South Beach Miami Injury Lawyer.jpgA recent case form the Miami Division of the Southern District of Florida, addresses a hotel’s liability when a guest suffers a heart attack while working out in the hotel’s fitness room. Court papers reveal George De La Flor was a guest with his family at The Ritz-Carlton South Beach Hotel located in Miami Beach. Most unfortunately, he suffered a heart attack while exercising in the hotel’s fitness room. Exercising next to Mr. De La Flor was a surgeon who immediately came to his aid. Though a defibrillator was located on hotel property, none was in the fitness room. A nearby boy went in search for the defibrillator, but had to delay his search to call 911 as no one from the hotel alerted the Miami Beach paramedics. Without a defibrillator, the surgeon performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (“CPR”) until the paramedics arrived. Mr. De La Flor survived the heart attack, but was left with permanent injuries.

The Legal Claims

Mr. De La Flor filed a lawsuit in Miami, Florida. The essence of his lawsuit is as a guest of the Ritz-Carlton South Beach, the hotel owed him the basic duty to ensure that in the event of a medical emergency it had the basic equipment necessary to assist him. Specifically, Mr. De La Flor argued the Ritz-Carlton South Beach breach its legal duty by failing to: (1) have a readily accessible defibrillator; (2) bring a defibrillator to the fitness room once it knew he was in danger; (3) call 911 within a reasonable time; (4) train its employees to timely deploy the defibrillator located onsite; and finally (5) escort Miami Beach Fire Rescue to him in an expeditious manner when they arrived on scene. The Court rejected all of Mr. De La Flor’s arguments.