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Jupiter, Florida – The Palm Beach Post reports four people were injured in a boating accident on the Intracoastal Waterway the night of May 3rd. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue spokesman, Capt. Don DeLucia, stated the accident occurred shortly before 10 p.m. when a 19-foot boat struck a channel marker. Law enforcement and other emergency responders were dispatched to the vicinity of Frederick Small and Palmwood roads near the southeastern corner of the Admiral’s Cove neighborhood to treat the accident victims. The injured boaters were taken to Jupiter Medical Center. No other details are immediately available.

Florida Boat Accident Attorney.jpgThere were more boating accidents in Florida last year than any other state. A part of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s mission is to reduce the number of boating accidents in the state. To this end, the FWC is committed to educate and provide resources to help Florida boaters stay safe and reduce boating accidents. The FWC offers the following tips to prevent a life threatening boating accident.

Pay attention: Most boating accidents occur because the operator is not paying attention. Focus on what is happening around the whole boat.

Wear a life jacket: It doesn’t matter if you are a good swimmer. A boating accident that throws you in the water can injure you and render you unconscious. Wearing life jackets saves lives. In fact, most drowning victim where described as “good swimmers”.

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