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Kenneth M. Myers Bayside Park Animal Sculpture Severs College Student’s Finger

April 15, 2014 Miami Beach Injury Lawyer

Miami Park Injury Lawyer.jpgThe Miami personal injury attorneys of Brais Law Firm have been retained by a college student who suffered a partially severed finger injury due to moving metal horse sculpture located at Kenneth M. Myers Bayside Park in Coconut Grove. Within the park, there are multiple kinetic steel animal sculptures created by Fredrick Prescott. What the average person does not know is the heads of these animal sculptures move. Perhaps on windy days the movement it is apparent. However, when it is not windy, the heavy steel heads do not often move creating traps for the unsuspecting. Such was the case with our client. He visited the park with his mother on a particularly non-windy day. New to Miami, neither he, nor his mother, was aware the heads of the sculptures moved. While posing for a picture with his hand resting on the horse sculpture, a puff of wind breezed over the park causing the head to move severing his finger.

Nowhere within Kenneth M. Myers Bayside Park are signs warning of the danger associated with the animal sculptures. Moreover, there are no signs telling people not to touch the sculptures. Indeed, the artist Fredrick Prescott has commended that his art is meant to be touched. Most alarming is our law firm learned there are prior injuries associated with the moving animal sculptures. So why, at a very minimum, has Miami not placed warning signs or cordoned off the sculptures to protect its citizens and visitors?

If you were, or know someone who was, injured by the Kenneth M. Myers Bayside Park animal sculptures, we like to hear from you to better assist our client. You may reach our lawyers by calling our toll free phone number or writing by clicking our contact link.