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German River Cruise Ship Allides with Bridge Killing Two Crew Member

Viking Freya Allision with Bridge.jpg
A German River Cruise ship traveling from Erlangen, Germany to Budapest, Hungary with 181 passengers and 47 crewmember onboard struck a low bridge killing two officers navigating the ship from the retractable wheelhouse. According to news reports, the Viking Freya, has a retractable wheelhouse that may be lowered for the ship to pass below low bridges. It appears that at the time of the accident, the wheelhouse was not retracted in time and it allided with the bridge in Erlangen. The two officers were in the wheelhouse and died due to the injuries suffered during the allission. The men killed were 49 and 33 years old and were Hungarian. We extend our deepest sympathies to their families and loved ones.

Rescue workers evacuated the passengers and crew members and transported them to local hotels. The cruise line is giving passengers the option to continue cruising on a modified itinerary or to return home.

Viking and local authorities continue to investigate to find out what happened.

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