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Cruise Passenger Sexual Assault Victim Hires Brais & Brais’ Attorneys

Cruise Passenger Sexual Assault Lawyer.jpgA cruise ship passenger who was sexually assaulted aboard the Norwegian Sky retained the maritime attorneys of Brais & Brais to represent her in a claim against Norwegian Cruise Lines. On the morning of April 11, 2011, a crew member approached Brais & Brais’ client, made inappropriate remarks about her body, followed her around the cruise ship and forcibly perpetrated a sexual assault. The trauma of the attack is profound and long lasting. This is the second time in recent months a passenger retained Brais & Brais in regard to a sexual assault aboard a NCL cruise ship.

Cruise lines are strictly liable under maritime law for a sexual assault committed by a crew member against a passenger. This means the cruise line is responsible for damages even though it had no way of stopping the crew member from attacking the passenger. So strong is the law, courts have even held cruise lines responsible for passenger sexual assaults and rapes by crew members occurring on land at various ports of calls.

If you would like to learn more about law as it relates to cruise ship sexual assault, feel free to contact the Florida Bar Board Certified Maritime lawyers of Brais & Brais.