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Cruise Lines Liable for Injuries Caused by Over-Serving Passengers Alcohol

Beer.jpgSeveral injuries occur each year due to the over serving of alcohol to passengers aboard cruise ships. Given the nature of maritime travel, an intoxicated passenger is a threat to the people around him as well as himself. In fact, many cruise ship accidents, sexual assaults and disappearances are alcohol related.

Cruise lines owe their passengers the duty of reasonable care under the circumstances. This means a cruise line is liable if it does something that a reasonable person in a similar situation would not. In the situation of over serving alcohol, cruise lines not only have the duty to protect passengers from the person who became intoxicated at the ship’s bars, but also have an obligation to protect the person who is intoxicated from any injury he may cause himself. Only by strictly monitoring the alcohol consumption of its passengers, will cruise lines fully perform their duty. Unfortunately, this rarely happens.

Brais & Brais has the expertise needed to handle cases concerning injuries arising from intoxicated cruise passengers. If you were injured do to an intoxicated passenger and would like to discuss your claim further, please contact our Board Certified Maritime attorneys.

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