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Canadian Cruise Passenger Falls from the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas

Canadian Cruise Passenger Fall.JPGA Canadian cruise passenger fell from the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas while the ship was returned to San Juan, Puerto Rico after concluding a week long Caribbean voyage. A spokes person for Royal Caribbean stated the ship’s captain preformed search and rescue maneuvers after reports of people reported seeing the passenger fall overboard around 8:46 pm on the night of December 28th. Once a passenger is reported to have fallen overboard, Royal Caribbean had the legal duty to perform a reasonable search and rescue operation.

The passenger was identified as Tien Phuoc Nguyen, a 26-year-old Canadian citizen, who was on the cruise with his family. Upon being notified of the incident, the Coast Guard dispatched a MH-65 Dolphin helicopter as well as a boat to join the search. Coast Guard’s spokesperson Ricardo Castrodad stated, “We will continue to search until we determine that all probability of survival has been extended.” While the search continues for Nguyen, the FBI is investigating what might have led the cruise passenger to fall overboard.

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