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Category: Cruise Ship Passenger Injury Law

Cruise Ship Passenger Slip and Fall Accidents on Wet Decks – What is the Cruise Line’s Responsibility?

October 11, 2010 Cruise Ship Passenger Injury Law

Slip and fall accidents occur often on cruise ships. In fact, we regularly represent clients who were injured in slip and falls accidents while cruising. Injuries from slip and falls range from simple bruising and twisted ankles to torn cartilage, broken bones and ligament damage. The number one culprit for […]

Cruise Shore Excursion and Tour Injuries & Deaths vs. The Cruise Lines’ Ticket Disclaimers – A Maritime Lawyer’s Analysis

September 13, 2010 Cruise Ship Passenger Injury Law

Several people are injured and killed each year while participating in a cruise ship shore excursions and tours. Unfortunately, cruise lines painstakingly attempt to avoid responsibility by burying disclaimers on the back of excursion and cruise tickets. Despite these attempts, maritime law imposes certain responsibilities on cruise lines which they […]