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Carnival Magic Slip and Falls & Passenger Injuries

Carnival Magic Injury.jpgOur law firm has been contacted by several passengers who have slipped and injured themselves aboard the Carnival cruise ship Magic. The locations where the accidents occurred include the Lido deck, outside stair landings as well as the inside buffet areas. On the popular cruising forum Cruise Critic is a thread entitled Carnival Magic not so Magical wherein a passenger details her family’s experience encountering a slippery buffet area which lasted multiple days despite her repeated requests to make the area safe. Other passengers posted replies disclosing accidents they suffered or saw on the cruise ship. Is there a problem with the deck coating used on the Carnival Magic?

The Carnival Magic sails weekly from Galveston, Texas making stops in Mexico, Key West and the Caribbean. If you slipped or have seen someone slip on the Carnival Magic, we ask that you please contact us toll free at (800) 499-0551 or email us by clicking this link. Information you have may be helpful to our representation of our clients.

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