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8 Year Old Boy Nearly Drowns on Board Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship


Royal Caribbean ANTHEM OF THE SEAS was forced to return to New Jersey just hours after it had departed after an eight year old boy nearly drowned in a pool on board. The young child is reported to be in critical condition. According to the Coast Guard, the boy had been in the water for eight to 10 minutes before cruise officials found him. The child was Medevaced to Staten Island University Hospital, where his family was expected to join him.

In March, a 4-year old boy nearly drowned in a pool on board the Royal Caribbean OASIS OF THE SEAS. The toddler was in the pool for five minutes underwater and no longer had a pulse before cruise passengers jumped in to perform CPR. Just in December of 2015, an 8-year old boy drowned on Royal Caribbean’s LIBERTY OF THE SEAS. He was spotted by another guest and unable to be revived.

Despite the many incidents involving drownings and near drownings on board cruise ships, most cruise lines do not have lifeguards on their ships. Royal Caribbean has recently indicated it does not, nor does it plan to add, lifeguards on its ships. Disney Cruise Lines (Magical Cruises) remains as the only cruise line to provide lifeguards, which was put in place in reaction to a small child who nearly drowned aboard its FANTASY cruise ship. For an industry that depends upon families vacationing on their ships, it is truly appalling that cruise lines refuse to implement basic pool safety precautions to protect the very same families who support their business.

Cruise lines should be required to provide similar safety precautions followed by shore side resorts. These precautions, such as lifeguards, swimming instructors and child barricades are relatively inexpensive and proven to save lives.

Our law firm handles all sorts of pool and hot tub related injury and death cases and we often find that such accidents can easily be prevented. In other words, there is NO EXCUSE why a child must die in a swimming pool.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the family of the young child and wish him a speedy recovery.


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