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10-Year-Old Girl Drowns in Hilton Garden Inn Pool

September 14, 2016 Pool Drowning Lawyer

Florida-Swimming-Pool-Drowning.jpgThere has been another child drowning in Florida. This time a 10-year-old girl drowned in a pool located at the Jacksonville/Ponte Vedra Hilton Garden Inn. Reports states that the girl identified as Raven Malden of Pensacola was swimming Saturday night with three other family members. She went underwater. Two other children tried to pull the girl from the pool while an older child whet to get help. The girl was removed from the pool and CPR was preformed. Upon arriving to the scene, paramedics took over resuscitation efforts and the child was taken to a Baptist Medical Center Beaches. Tragically, the child died.

This is the second incident within three months where a child has drowned in a Jacksonville area pool. The other incident occurred when a 5-year-old girl wondered into a neighbor’s pool on July 27th.